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Capture Trends is a venture owned by Swarnam Global Futures LLC and is aimed to capture through research, writing and publishing, trends in the equity, foreign exchange and emerging markets using technical analysis. We provide content to the news media, financial & educational institutions, and individuals by writing compelling articles, research reports and books. We also edit content for our customers. We provide free content on this website in the form of daily and weekly reports as well company and sector specific reports.

The content we create or edit is used as an informational and marketing tool by our customers. Financial institutions and online brokers enable their customers to take high probability winner positions by using our reports as a guide. Readers of newspapers and magazines find our reports useful to make trading decisions.

We use a blend of technical and fundamental analysis to identify optimal entry and exit points in the market. Our reports will guide readers on:

  • How to treat news
  • Find support and resistance levels
  • Take high probability trades
  • Limit losses
  • Keep trading simple
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